[H] <Wolves> newly formed guild welcoming all

Hey there. Wolves is a newly formed horde sided guild on the Kromcrush server, and is looking to establish a consistent, reliable, and enjoyable pack to run with throughout Azeroth.

Right now we are welcoming any and all levels + classes, as long as you are communicative and play consistently. Once we have enough 60’s in our guild, we will proceed with assisting on MC/Ony attuning/gearing up any wolves in the pack that have yet to acquire all of their pre-bis items at the time of our first MC/Ony.
Also looking to assign class leadership / mentor spots to alpha wolfs that enjoy spreading the knowledge.

Interested? Feel like you have the wolf mentality?

  • Message “Kuhntrol” in-game, or shoot me a message on discord @:


Edit: FFS No none of that “furry” nonsense goes on in here… come on people. LOL have some enthusiasm and fun in your life. Might make ya happy :slight_smile:

Re-edit: Please whisper Kuhntrol, Tylorre, Camperdff, or Douneedwater in game. Optionally, reach out to us via the discord server if you would like an invite. Due to no life toxic trolls, we have restricted open invites for the time being.

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Awesome guild with great memes in Discord. Come join us and let’s have a ton of fun together! :slight_smile:

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I posted the quoted message on the wrong character. As you can see, I am a real member of the guild. :stuck_out_tongue:

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BIG time bump boyz!

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I actually love this guild so far. Reminds me of the fun I had in my guild way back in the day. Plus I play late night and theres people to talk to.

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Not gonna lie these wolves metaphors were a bit cringe.

I’m so very hurt, coming from a character named “Benson” in a guild called “Classic Raiders”. God, you must live the most exciting life there could be outside of this game.

Not gonna lie, you’re pretty cringe “Benson”.

For anyone else:

Still recruiting actively! Helping out the lowbies as much as possible! Got a few geared up from RFC last night, more to come hopefully later today! We’re about the positive support and vibes, if you’re looking for a strong willed pack like that to call home, let anyone in the guild know! :slight_smile:

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