[H] <Wing It> (10/10M CN) is recruiting for next tier!

Hey Zul’jin, we’re Wing It and we’ve recently transferred here from the Hyjal realm after being crippled week after week by unplayable lag during our raids.

Every tier we’ll aim to fully clear Heroic in the first week and then move into Mythic for Cutting Edge at our own pace (which isn’t too shabby). We have 2 raid teams: A Weekday raid team that raids 3 days (9 hours a week) and a Weekend raid team that raids 2 days (6 hours a week). Our goal each tier is to maintain a respectable rank on our limited raiding schedule.

We’re searching for players that are looking to have a good time tackling the hardest content in the game, while also having a goal oriented and progression focused mindset. If you legitimately and genuinely believe that you are a competent and thoughtful player, then either of our raid teams would be happy to have you! That said, if your expectations for yourself were far higher than your actual competency levels or your attitude is poor, don’t expect us to drag you across the finish line.

Weekday Raid Team Info

Current Progression: 10/10M CN
Previous Progression:


Uldir BoD CoS EP Ny’alotha
7/8M 9/9M 2/2H 8/8M 12/12M


CN SoD - - -
10/10M - - - -

Raid Times: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 9:30pm-12:30pm EST

Recruiting: These are classes/roles that we need specifically!

  • Ele Shaman
  • Shadow Priest
  • Warlock
  • Mage
  • Hunter
  • Balance Druid

Weekend Raid Team Info


Current Progression: 8/10M CN
Previous Progression:

Uldir BoD CoS EP Ny’alotha
5/8M 9/9M 2/2H 6/8M 12/12M

Raid Times: Friday & Saturday from 10pm-1am EST

Recruiting: These are classes/roles that we need specifically!

  • Unholy Death Knight High Priority!
  • Hunter
  • Shadow Priest High Priority!
  • Balance Druid High Priority!
  • Mage High Priority!


How do I apply to join?

Please fill out an application. The application will be linked in our contact section. If you have any specific questions before you apply, feel free to contact us.

Are you recruiting ‘x’ class?

Both of our raid teams will consider strong players of any class for raid spots. If you’re good, we will notice and we will bring you to raids.

What can I do to make myself a more appealing recruit?

Having logs that can be referenced in your WarcraftLogs profile, having previous heroic/mythic experience, having relevant and correct gearing priorities, and being reliable are all things that make you a more attractive recruit.

Do you do off-server or outside trials?

Very rarely unless you were recommended from someone within the guild. We prefer to trial from within our guild after you have transferred to Zul’jin. It shows that you have a higher level of commitment.

What is the guild environment like?

WoW is not a full-time job. We want to progress and do well, but we want to have fun and not burn out while we’re doing it. We expect you to be reliable and come to raid prepared and focused, but you’re not crucified if you have to miss a day due to real life obligations or emergencies as long as you give fair notice. You will not be berated for a single mistake but if you repeatedly make the same mistake, you can expect to be sat and/or confronted about the issue. Also, I highly recommend that you check some of our kill videos or twitch vods for judging our environment.

Do you raid overtime?

We do not add days, but very rarely, in the case that we are extremely close to a kill on a boss and we want to get it that night, then we might go over by 20-30 minutes. Again, this is pretty damn rare.

How much Mythic+ activity does the guild have?

A fair amount! We have quite a few mid-high ranking players on Raider.io and there are many groups being formed throughout the week to push keys and help others.

Do you sell (gold only) Mythic+, raid carries, or raid mounts?

Yes! If you’re interested in buying a carry in Mythic+ or achievement/loot runs from Heroic or Mythic, please contact us!

Do you have any required addons?

For raiding we require that you have the following addons:

  • Deadly Boss Mods or BigWigs
  • Exorsus Raid Tools
  • WeakAuras
  • RCLootCouncil

What is the relationship between both raid groups? Is there a catch?

Our Weekend and Weekday raid teams are separate raid teams. They are both lead by entirely different guild officers and are their own entities within the same guild. There are a ton of benefits to having two competent raid teams that work together. There is absolutely no “main” team. Neither team takes players from the other. We want both teams to succeed as much as possible and that requires equal respect between both groups.


You can contact Slizzed, Danthony, or Sprigs on the server Zul’jin

or add us at

Battletags: Gallowz#1412, Senorsno#1542
Discord: Gallowz#0957

Application link: https://forms.gle/BqrbDv2A9LJ1fLn1A

Updated our recruitment needs. Denathrius nearly dead.

reroll from alliance back to horde. sent a discord request. lets talk about killiing some pixilated dragons (mage main since vanilla we can discuss everything else via discord)