[H] [Windseeker] <Peaked in BC> | 4/6 SWP 14/14 BT | EST

Peaked in BC is a Semi-Hardcore raiding guild on Windseeker. A few of us have been playing together since original TBC. We rerolled on Windseeker a few months before prepatch and are recruiting players for our 25 man rosters to clear content in TBC with and have a good time with in the process.

We’re recruiting all classes but could use any of the following for our 25 man rosters

High Prio: Holy Priest (Tues/Thurs), Resto Shaman
Mid Prio: Shadow Priest (Tues/Thurs), Hunter, Warlock
Low Prio: Boomkin, Prot Paladin, Feral druid

Raiding schedule
Two separate 25 man raid rosters
Tues & Thurs at 8pm EST
Sat & Mon at 8pm EST

Sign ups for phase 1 & 2 raids on Friday’s & Saturdays

We are using loot-council to make sure everyone’s getting loot. Performance and attendance are taken into consideration as well as class BIS, wish lists, and how long its been since someone’s gotten loot. Loot priority and notes are all public ahead of time and we try to be as transparent with the guild as possible.

We are looking for competent players who can devote two nights a week to raiding in classic. We do raid log but our raids are pretty laid back. We expect people to show up with consumes, enchants (guild can help), gems etc… We’re looking for players who are 70 or close enough to 70 that we can help gear them up. Players with a friendly and helpful attitude are always welcome.

You can add me on Discord or message Seratic in game if you’re interested or have any questions


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Recruiting a few more for phase 2. Two raid teams farming current 25 man content.

Could use a few more DPS for next phase.

Immediate raid spots for Boomkin & Ret paladin & a Ranged DPS

Check recruitment up top!

Recruiting a few more. We can help get you attuned.

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Looking for those elusive specs: Balance Druid and Elemental Shaman.

Bumping for new members

Still looking for a few solid dps for our weekend raid

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Bumping for new guild members

Still recruiting for all roles :slight_smile:

Any DPS out there?

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Still looking for DPS for our raid teams!

Few spots open still for those interested

Recruiting a Ret Paladin or Prot Paladin

Recruiting a Resto Shaman & Priest for Tues/Thurs 8p EST