[H]-Windseeker-<Eternus Bellum> Seeking Players New and Old to Level and Raid into WotLK!

-ETERNUS BELLUM has been assembled by two brothers that have been playing WoW since the original TBC pre-patch until they were disappointed with retail during Shadowlands. Does this sound familiar to you?

-They’ve completed many “Ahead Of The Curve” achievements throughout their respective WoW legacies and are looking to bring that knowledge into the soon-to-be-newest expansion of WoW Classic Wrath of the Lich King!

-We are excited to announce that after much deliberation there is now a guild that beginners and veterans alike can collaborate to share information, crush Heroic dungeons, level together, and with time join us on delves into Karazhan and beyond!

-If you, or someone you know, is looking for an atmosphere that isn’t taken TOO seriously and would like to indulge in the glory of downing difficult content don’t hesitate to reach out in-game via mail or whisper to Tempestrilla or Heelurself.

–We’re looking forward to hearing you herald your accomplishments with us–

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The community is growing!

Over 350 members, and counting. Join up and become a part of the movement to Wrath with us! Weekly 10mans hosted now :smiley:

Happy to inform that we are over 500 members, with a consistent 50+ at peak hours.
We are also running 10man raids regularly on Fri/Sat 6pm or later with enrollments in discord.
Soon to be forming a Group 2 for ZA and Kara as more of the members level up!

Great things are going to happen, don’s miss out :slight_smile:

Our 10man needs are currently:

-Paladin/Shaman Healer
-Enhance Shaman

Lvl 60 Hunter atm, am an experienced raider from all the way back to nilla days thru shadowlands. Looking to be part of a cohesive guild with good people, am currently questing my way to 70.
I am a retired combat veteran with way too much time on his hands, so i play often and have very flexible hours

Hey! I replied to your in-game mail, but you may not have seen it. Did you manage to find what you were looking for?

Hey there, I would love to chat with you, about your guild!

Could you add my B-net or discord when you get a chance too?

Discord- Brohoob#8446
B-net- Brohoob#2858

Hi Bellarol. Just letting you know I sent a request via discord.

Also, a general update: the guild is now scheduling 10 & 25man content regularly on Fri/Sat @ 7pm EST. We’re at 900 members with peak #'s around 70-80 online players daily!

Huge things in store for Wrath with Windseeker!

Any chance a brand new player to Wow TBC classic like myself can join your guild???