[H] Whitemane TRANSFERS OPEN - <Donkeys> US-Horde #3 & Whitemane #1 1:00:11 Naxx

Hi, please send me a discord request to discuss further. “wot m8#5674” no caps. Thanks!

Lotus prices are kill

Still recruiting shaman, priests, and melee!

Donkeys want you, Donkeys loves you :point_down:

New record! and i got my weps woo

Horde 2nd, 28Min BWL!

Recruiting DPS! Exceptional heals also considered :blush:

Hee-haw join our splits!

Loot pinata is fun

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:couplekiss_man_man: that could be kissing me, if you joined Donkeys.


25 minute run to reclaim horde 2nd. Shout out to all the other guilds! Their times are sick this week

Bump, also grats JBTB!

Still recruiting!

Bump :blush:

Scarab lord when

Woo finally war effort is done

Server first AQ20 and our AQ40 had so many weapons last night! woohoo

:drooling_face:split loot

So many new trials this week :scream:

:pig: < Our warriors