[h] [whitemane] <pizza planet> - 12/15 Naxx - wed/mon 6pm st

[H] Pizza Planet - 12/15 Naxx, 9/9 AQ40

Raid times Wed/Mon 6pm-10:00pm Server Time (PST)

About Us
Pizza Planet is a chill, mid-core guild aiming to clear all content as it comes out. We are organized and focused but we still know how to have a good time. Raiding is a team effort and we have like-minded players that put the needs and success of the raid above their own. World buffs are not mandatory but highly encouraged.

We are always looking for exceptional players to join our raid team. We also allow socials, casuals, and bench raiders to join.
For our raid team, we are looking to recruit anyone, from any class, on a trial basis to see your skill and personality.

Specifically we are looking to add:
Class | Spec | Need

Mage | Fire | Medium
Lock | DS/Ruin | Low
Priest | Holy | Low
Rogue | Sword/Daggers | Medium
Druid | Resto | Low
Shaman | Resto | High
Hunter | MM | Low
Warrior | Fury | Medium

DKP BONUS: New recruits that join as a core raider will have their current DKP doubled after a 2 week trial period.
We use a DKP system with loot priority (i.e. A healer won’t be able to get Choker of the Fire Lord before a caster)

Please send me a message on discord: Pyro#5164 or to Unu#1546

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We have a lot of fun in raid, it’s a very relaxed place to raid

Naxx is so close! Come experience it with us!

Come join us in naxx!

It’s Here!

10/15 in naxx, come help us finish it out!

11/15 now! If you are looking for a guild, hit us up! 4hm don’t stand a chance.

It’s a fun time!

12/15 in one day! Monday 4hm is going down!