[H-Whitemane] <Modest> 10/10 Phase 2 | T/W 5:30-9:30 | T/W

great group of people with like minded goals!

AW coming sooooon!

Need more for AQ come join!

Looking primarily for 1 warlock & hunter, but will consider all good applicants!

Transfers Opening up to Whitemane looking for some fresh faces to Join Modest

Xfer’s Open!!

Reach out on disc if you would like any additional info. Still looking to fill out the roster a bit more.

9/9 yay :slight_smile:

Preordain proposes plenty of pumpers apply!

3 core raid spots open!

i did a kickflip over c’thun last week, come check it out!

need some more pro bug killers, come say whatsup!

To the toppp!

Bumping this because my guildmaster said I get prio on Dark Edge of Insanity if I do.

ya yeet :slight_smile:

let’s be honest we dont prio anything to our enhancement shamans. so join now

hihi looking for some more!

Boutta be clearing AQ40 & BWL in one night.

Hit us up!

hihi come goon!

waHOO guild for waHOO gamers :upside_down_face: