[H-Whitemane] <Modest> 10/10 Phase 2 | T/W 5:30-9:30 | T/W

Need a couple healers and dps!

Come hang out and pump with us!

Hi hi need just a couple more to round off the roster

Hey, come check it out today!

Hey, send us a message and chat today!

Looking for 1 or two more!

38 MIN BWL WOOOOOOO come check it out

Still looking for some spots pre AQ!

still looking to fill some spots before we go into aq! message an officer on discord for more info.

Need some new friends to slap some fresh content soon

Let’s get that AQ bread

need more some bug slapping exterminators

Come raid with us and get loot

Need some more for AQ

AQ is going to be a fun place. Need some new friends

Looking for a hunter and some warriors!

cool group of friends, come join and say whaddup

Need 1 Hunter!

looking for a person who likes to shut guns/bows

we summon and portal everywhere. come get backpacked dora style