[H-Whitemane] <Modest> 10/10 Phase 2 | T/W 5:30-9:30 | T/W

< Modest > is one of the longest running guilds on Whitemane. We’re a guild that focuses on player personality, maturity and performance equally. By putting an emphasis on those three traits, it has allowed us to have a relaxed, ego-free group of players that still achieve competitive results all while maintaining a fun atmosphere. We don’t tolerate racism, homophobia or egos. Also, with us being semi-hardcore it allows additional flexibility with obligations outside of the game. The majority of us are young professionals, who all understand that real life happens and it takes priority over a game to us.

Our goal in TBC is to maintain a Top 5-10 Horde position, while being as efficient with our time as possible, and maintaining our welcoming and fun atmosphere. Ultimately, we just want to clap Illidan’s Cheeks.

Current Progress:

SWP: 3/6
BT: 9/9
HJ: 5/5

Classic Performance by Phase:

Phase 6: Naxxramas (1:32, Horde #3)
Phase 5: AQ40 (55:30, Horde #14)
Phase 3: BWL (36:59, Horde #10)
Phase 1: Molten Core (1:14:21, Horde #18)

Raider Expectations:

  • Personality = Performance
  • Maturity & Team Focused Play
  • Individual Accountability
  • Willingness to Improve
  • Mechanical Research & Theorycraft
  • Communication and Transparency
  • Warcraft Log Proficiency
  • Flexibility with Roles

Raid Times:
We will run splits during the first phases for players that want to maintain multiple characters, however it isn’t required.

  • Tuesday & Wednesday: 5:30-9:30PM PST Server
  • Farm Content will go 5:30-8:30PM

We are always recruiting those who would be a good fit for us both personality & performance wise. So, if your class isn’t listed below still feel free to apply regardless.

  • Hunter - High
  • Mage - High
  • Warlock - High
  • Warrior - High
  • Enhancement Shaman - High

**Apply Here: **


Contact Info:
(Discord: liltommytucker#7876)


A great guild to be in, made a lot of friends and the raiding has been pretty smooth. Good social environment. Really happy to be a part of this guild

Still looking for some shamans and warriors!

Great group of people, come chat with us if you have any questions.

Easy going and fun group of people :smile:

Let clap some cheeks

Fun group of goal oriented people. Join the fun and winnnnnn!

Could use a Resto Shaman!

Come say whats up to us in discord.

o hello there

queues are rough, but we are cool. come say whats up.

Need a couple going into AQ!

Come join us for some fun in zg!

Lets get it crackinnn

Good crew. Come have a good time

Lets Get this bread

Great group, lots of fun.

Filling out the roster still! reach out on dic or in game.

Still looking for a couple more, reach out to us!

Great group of peeps. With AQ coming soon. Can’t wait