[H - Whitemane] <Gone Fishing> [10/10 SSC/TK Pre-Nerf Both raid teams!]

Raid 2
Current Progression: 10/10 Pre nerf Phase 2
Days: Thursday/Monday
Times: 19:00 to 22:30 (PST/Server)
Loot System: Standard Loot Council - To keep things fresh we regularly rotate people in this position for transparency.

Survival Hunter
Holy Pally
Shadow Priest

Our Guild is comprised of Long time raiders from classic who have come together to kill every boss prior to nerfs or adjustments while keeping only a semi-hardcore mentality. Seeking motivated players who wish to clear content and a fast pace and optimize trash/boss kill times. Be willing to adjust raid strategies and review logs to find improvements as we go into phase 3. Must be willing to come fully prepared and on time, Our guild provides access to free potions/elixirs/food buff for progression. We are not a speed running guild however, we do aggressively pursue fast clear times that respect your personal time and adhere to the stated raid times. We are also an alt friendly guild as we maintain 2 raid teams, both raid teams have cleared all of phase 2 prior to nerfs as well.

If interested Please contact
Finahflash, Sadgefish, Slowbro or Jazko