[H] Whitemane <Donkeys> US-Horde #2 56:25 Naxx is recruiting

Donkeys is a semi-hardcore guild with leadership that has stemmed across multiple games with top US kills in the past. With a much more relaxed raid schedule, we have efficient raiding as our #1 priority. That being said, we have several raiders pushing for top PVP ranks and have active members that enjoy the game at its core whom you’ll frequently find pugging or raiding with other guilds on their alts. We aim to clear content in a swift manner and hold our raiders to high standards.

Also note, we are one of the first and currently only guilds on Whitemane doing splits for Naxx

BWL Best : 0:25min Ended phase 4 Horde 3rd
AQ40 Best 0:36min Currently US #15 Ended Phase 5 #1 on Server
Naxx Best 01:00:11 while splitting. US-Horde 3rdCurrently #1 Whitemane

As of now we are recruiting any and all exceptional players who feel they would be a strong asset to either of our 2 raid teams. We are currently the only guild on server splitting Naxx to insure we stay #1 on server (2 character raiding not required but preferred). Speedrunning is our priority. We hope that no one is deterred from applying as all of our spots are competitive and anyone is capable of earning a core spot. Nobody is held higher than their fellow raider, anyone is replaceable.

Also note
If you are considered an excellent raider, you will be offered a paid transfer.

Our raid times are Sat-Sun 4-8 PM PST
We currently run splits, meaning 2 raid groups on the respective days. You are only required to be able to make 1 of the 2 days, 2 character raiding is optional.

Loot is handled via loot council for high priority pieces with the mindset of what would benefit the raid the most. That’s not to say performance and attitude aren’t also taken into account, just come with the mindset that we are a collective entity, not 40 individual players. Everyone will get their loot!

What is expected of an Ideal Donkeys Raider

  • EVERYONE is expected to come to raid with full consumables and world buffs. While we understand raids in Vanilla are simple and puggable, we are looking to embrace the competitive aspect via speed clear and improve our rankings. This is also a great way of measuring the dedication and performance of a raider.

  • All raiders are subject to log analysis, nobody is capable of playing perfect but we do our best to min max and help our players perform at an adequate level. We ask that all trials have a healthy mindset and be open to any criticism.

If you have any interest or would like to inquire further, feel free to reach out!
Bnet : optimusprime#12104, bigsucc#1657
Discord : wot m8#5674, Rich#2039, Vibez#1936

Lastly, thank you to anyone who had an interest in Donkeys :blush:


Great Guild, was finally able to get a mageblade on my rogue for my poison spec.


That was supposed to be kept under wraps :pleading_face:


:pleading_face: :point_right::point_left: More Nef weps pls

Give me trials or give me death

Wooo finally got a thunderfury

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Yay new BWL record!

All spots are competitive! Join now!

Welcome, new faces :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m asking an honest question here. Is doing BWL in less than hour really than enjoyable? I really don’t understand the blast through it as quick as possible mindset.

A fair question, I’ll try to answer it as best I can. Vanilla WoW has been replayed several times over through pservers, as well as the original experience. Because of that, the content that was once difficult so long ago, has become simple in comparison to current retail. One of the only ways to eek out any form of pve competition, is to speed clear raid in similar fashion to M+. This involves large pulls, or in onslaughts case, 2 drakes at once, which is fun to push the game to its limits.

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Still recruiting!

still recruiting! New record!

40:39 woo :blush:

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Happy mothers day :partying_face:

Trial city

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New record!

Still recruiting shamans and melee! JOIN US

Troll Mage, 8/8 Tier 2 With Shadowflame staff, ZG enchanted gear.

Orc Rouge, with 7/8 Tier 2 (Cloak of Firemaw) With CTS/Maladath, ZG enchanted gear.

Come as a package, so if you can’t take one of us, we’ll keep looking. Due to covid-19, can be there for every raid.