[H] Whitemane - Classic Era <War Council> Welcoming All

[H] Whitemane- Classic Era PST Server Time

War Council is a newly formed guild seeking raiders and pvpers of all experiences.

We make our first attempt at the Molten Core on October 18th at 6:30 p.m. server time and 9:30 p.m. EST.

Currently, our raid days are set for Wednesday and Thursday at 6:30 p.m. server time, which is PST time, and 9:30 p.m. EST. The time we start raiding may change if we have more East Coast people.

Currently, our loot system has two soft reserves and some items with hard reserves to help the guild progress. The 2 Soft Reserves allow you to put two items on a reserve, and if no one else reserves them, the item is yours. But if someone else reserves the item, you guys roll to see who gets the highest roll, and the winner takes the prize.

Our raid leader is very friendly and is happy to explain fights to anyone brave enough to speak out about not knowing the fights.

Discord is required as long as you can hear; unless you are deaf, then I will gladly type out explaining the fight to you. The add-on DBM (Deadly Boss Mobs) and consumables that you get in the game are a must.

I want to express this again: we will take anyone, no matter their experience; it’s all about progressing as a team and learning. So please do not be too hard on yourself; if you are nervous, you won’t do well.

Our PvP is in the works, and we need more PvPers to get premades up and rolling to help people rank in the new PvP system. As of now, we roll with another group that is geared and enjoys PvP for fun.

Guild Leader - Dominance - Whitemane
My alts are Brashka- Whitemane and Rujiji - Whitemane

Anyone in the guild is capable of guild-inviting. I hope to see some of you join us on our adventure in the classic era.

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Hey im on the same cluster on kurinaxx, my characters name is buxton, 60 rogue would love to join!

Just saw this added you on friends I’ll get you a ginivte tomorrow if not message anyone inside the guild. ^^

Hey Dominance,

I’m still leveling my hunter right now (44) but would be happy to contribute once I get to 60! My character name is Ruind.

Sounds good! Add me on friends and I’ll invite you when I see you online or pst me when you see me online. Anyone in the guild can invite ^^

I’m interested, coming back after a while away, missed the initial Classic rush and would like to try classic raiding. Wrapping up leveling my priest, at 50 right now.