[H]-Whitemane-<and he say me i noob LOL> Really Hardcore Guys Semi-Hardcore Guild

Hello friends,

and he say me i noob LOL is a Semi Hardcore guild for TBC. We are looking for players who are constantly seeking to improve each raid while competing for respectable kill dates/times for all content in TBC. If you are open to constructive criticism and raiding with competent players this is the guild for you.

Our raid times are Tues/Weds/Thurs 5:45PM-9:00PM PST for T4 content while looking to add more for T5.

Leadership has been playing WoW for over 15years along with raiding in several top US guilds such as Fierce, Incarnate, SnF, and TG. We have high expectations and seek to help all our raiders achieve our goals for TBC Classic.

Current expectations Week 1 Kara ideally Gruuls too if not Week 2 + Mag

We also contribute a social aspect. There are more games than just WoW and we encourage everyone from member to raider to be active and social while in the guild.

Our current recruitment status for our MAIN raid are:

Warrior: Low Arms
Priest: Medium Shadow - Holy
Shaman: HIGH Enh - Ele
Mage: Low Arcane
Druid: Medium Bear
Warlock: HIGH Open
Hunter: Medium Surv - BM
Rogue: Low Combat
Paladin: HIGH Holy - Ret

Every class and position is still open for our weekend team if you are interested in that please reach out to us.


  • All exceptional players please feel free to reach out and contact an officer regarding recruitment

  • As we get closer to launch for TBC we will announce our official weekend raid times. This is centered to be more of a casual raid team while having core raiders help out in progression.

  • If you feel that you would excel in a leadership position also please feel free to reach out as well.

We use Loot Council. Prior to each tier there will be a general discussion in which we give our thought process on items going to where they go first. Your input matters if you strongly believe we are incorrect please reach out to us ASAP.

Loot is given based on performance, and attendance.

Lastly, we expect the best out of you. The more you invest in yourself the more we will also. We expect every raider to min max to the best of their abilities.

Discord: discord.gg/mPa8KwjrGg

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I have a druid. It has taunt can I join?

Hey sounds super promising. I would love to apply as a priest officer. If you would get in contact for a sit down, that would be amazing. Cant wait to hear from you!!!

Hello there,

We are not interested best of luck in your search

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