[H] Whitemane <Abyss> LF Raiders

Abyss of Whitemane is looking for raiders - primary healers but anyone interested is welcome to check us out. We are a chill guild running Phase 2 and 3 content planning to run phase 4 and Wrath Content aswell. Willing to work with people on learning fights and gearing. Currently we run a mixture of GDKPS and SR runs depending on how many members are available on a given raid night.

If you’re looking for a low pressure chill environment we’re the perfect place for you.

Contact: Zeltor, Kellyne, or Molezy with any questions

Current Raid Schedule:
Wed/Thur/Sun - 6 to 10 PST (Server Time)

Popup runs happen other days as well.

Join our discord: Tzc9gdcn