[H] <Whats The Point> Tues/Weds 7:30 - 11:00 PM ST. Recruiting

Semi-Hardcore guild from Incendius that is looking to progress into end game content (AQ/Naxx) .
Our guild has a fun and friendly raid environment with a serious gaming tone to clear content quicker and improve each week.

5/9 AQ
8/8 BWL
10/10 MC

Current Recruitment Needs

1 Healer ( Resto Shaman/Priest )
1 Ranged Dps ( Mage/Warlock/Hunter )
1 Warrior ( 150 NR )

If your class is not listed above still fill free to apply we’re always looking for experienced players.

Apply Here
https:// www.cognitoforms. com/WhatsThePoint1/RaiderApplication
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Loot Distribution
Loot Council made up of Officers and Class Leads while rotating members in weekly to take part in decisions.

Contact Info