[H] Welcome to Chilis - 1/10M~9/10H Tues/Wed/Sun 9:30pm-12 EST

Guild & Server: [H] US-Zul’jin
Raid Times/Days: Tuesday/Wednesday/Sunday 9:30pm-12am EST
Current Progression: 7/10M CN - - - 9/10H - 1/10M SoD
Contacts: Wàrriorman (Raid Lead): Disc: Pham.exe#9795 , Datch (Officer) Disc: Datch#1010
Requirements: Looking for players who want to chase CE while being in a large community on discord. Must be 220+ ilvl and have mythic experience in 9.5.
In search of: All skilled players welcomed and always taking casuals for keys and alt runs. Currently in high demand for ;

**Resto Druid, Disc Priest, Ranged DPS, Enhancement Shaman **