[H] Warrior/Death Knight LF Raiding guild (Late night PST)

Hello all
Looking for a friendly AOTC mythic and mythic+ raiding guild for Dragonflight. Currently leveling a Warrior then will level a DK. Looking to either Tank or DPS. I currently live in CA and looking to raid any days Wednesday through Monday from 8:30 PM PST until whenever. I can also raid Tuesdays, however, I would be unavailable until 10:30 PM PST, as I occasionally (once or twice a month) work late. Would be willing to work on a bench rotation. Looking for a close-knit guild with chill friendly people who are looking to push all content the game has to offer. Currently on Thrall but willing to X-fer/faction change if need be. My Battle.net Seraph#12596 (IGN Warrior Axies) or you can shoot me a DM on Discord Seraph#1948.