[H] Warrior Tank Looking for New Home

Well, the unexpected has happened and my Classic guild is going into hibernation due to too many people leaving due to TBC announcement (makes no sense to me). So I’m looking for a new home.

I’m 7/9 T3 Warrior with Thunderfury. Have a fury prot set as well. I have 14/15 (although we haven’t downed Sapphiron yet) Naxx experience as being the MT and am looking for a new home in need of one in order to finish Classic content as we await TBC. I’m willing to transfer anywhere that’s heavy pop as Netherwind (current server) is dying IMO.

Discord: Dier#8408

I don’t think we’re directly in the market for a tank, but the officers might like to talk with you.

My guild Dauntless on Atiesh server is looking for a Warrior Tank to help finish out Naxx content. We are 11/15. Working on Loatheb, just got our first look at 4H this past week.

Discord: Sancho17#0082