[H] Warlock LF Raiding Guild for TBC

Hi there!

I’m looking for a Raiding guild going into TBC Classic. I’d really love to play through TBC raids with a laid back, fun group of people.

I started playing wow in BC, but being so new back then I didn’t get to do all the end game stuff I wanted.

Recently I’ve realized I’m no longer interested in retail, and have decided to play TBC Classic (and possibly vanilla classic) exclusively. I want to see and do all the stuff I never did all those years ago. I plan to focus on raids mostly, and dabble in PvP during my free time.

I plan on maining an Undead or Orc Warlock with Tailoring/Enchanting if that matters at all

Honestly I just want a group of fun people to play with. I’ve been leveling solo through classic, and while the game is fun, having friends and guildies to talk to and do stuff with is much better.

I’m so excited for TBC and just want to have an absolute blast playing it again with fun people

Battle Tag: Silvo#11715

Or in game: Sil - Hakkar (Alliance side)

Or post in this thread if you like

Thanks for the read and can’t wait to see you all in TBC Classic! :grin:

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Hey Sil, we are currently recruiting for TBC. Our guild info is listed below, if you haven’t found a home yet. Hoping to hear from you soon!

Guild: Raider Joes
Faction: Horde
Guild Type: Semi-hardcore
Activity Schedule: Primary raiding Sat/Sun 3pm-7pm. Might push to do Friday night as well for progression
All times are in server time (EST)

Close group of friends looking to push through content for TBC. We all met when we started playing classic and a few others have been added to our ranks. The majority of us have 15/15 Naxx in Classic with several members of the team having extensive TBC experience on private servers.
Most of us desire hardcore but managing real life together has made us decide to be Semi-hardcore - we will try to push for realm first and push for speed runs frequently. And just have an over-all ‘smashing’ good time.

Warlock x2
Resto Druid x1
Tank Druid/Warrior x1
Elemental Shaman x1

Contact: Want to join us? DM JaneDoe#1145 on discord for a quick chat!