[H] <Wardens Tyranny> 4/10 H 10/10 N AOTC (Touch of Mythic) Guild LFM

Bumpity bump bump… bump

AOTC baby! Come join a fun guild!

Happy Friday Turalyon!

Wardenys Tyranny is still looking for more great players who want to have a permanent home with a close knit group. AOTC raiding, Mythic+ pushed (10+ guaranteed weekly and many pushing higher), Tmog runs, occasional PvP, and also some gaming outside of WOW.

If you are not set for 8.3 or don’t feel you are in a permanent home, add my Bnet and let’s chat :slight_smile:

Hope all the folks on Turalyon had a nice Thanksgiving! Super excited for 8.3 and still have some raiding spots open. Looking for skilled DPS of all flavors and do have an opening for a healer.

If you want to chat just add me on bnet! DocMundo#1544

Looking for more great raiders to help finish out norm and push into heroic. If you like to raid, M+, and a close knit community add me and let’s chat!

I’ll message you tonight when I get home. I’m looking for a new home.

2 more bosses down tonight! If you are seeking a fun AOTC guild, let’s chat :slight_smile:

Another 2 bosses down tonight. 7/12 :slight_smile: Still have a couple of open slots for great raiders!

Very interested in joining the guild and raiding! I am a well experience raider through out all of WoW. I have sent you a FR on Bnet. Looking forward to talking to you.

1/12 Mythic!

Skitra down 2/12 M!

Maut defeated 3/12!

6/10 heroic and ready for the council :slight_smile:

Sludgefist has been slain!

Stone Legion down!

Still have a DPS spot (maybe 2) to push into casual mythic and finish up the last few percent on Sire heroic!

Sire down! On to some light mythic and have a few DPS slots open for anyone looking for a friendly home :slight_smile:

bumpity bumpy bumps

Still have room for some DPS and potentially a healer. If you are seeking an AOTC (possible light mythic) guild that has a good time and is a family add me on bnet :slight_smile: