[H] Wanted Rejects - 8/12M NYA, LFM to push 8.3 CE & high M+


Come smash some Vex with us! ^-^

Holy paladins and exceptional dps, we want to hear from you! :heart:


Quick HC clear is tomorrow night, join us!

willing to server transfer and faction change would love to balance druid

Bumping the post. Looking for a strong Holy pally and dps to boot!

Bump to the top.

Holy paladins and dps, hit us up! ;D

I am interested in this guild. I have multiple chars and roles that i have AOTC experience on. I have researched all fights on mythic. I just want to get my foot in the door with a serious guild that I can learn with and progress with.

@Demongoaty Have you added any of us to bnet?

Bump! Calling all paladins of the holy variety and strong dps of any sort <3