[H] Wanted Rejects - 8/12M NYA, LFM to push 8.3 CE & high M+

Excited for all the new comers! keep it coming, new friends for new content! :smiley:

HMU on Bnet if you’re interested!

Giving this post an extra life

Amazing guild! Come join us!

Tentacle boy is going down–come join in the fun!

Bump to the top. If you’re looking for a guild to push CE with than don’t be afraid to reach out to me!

In game added you. 418 warlock 67 neck. Interest in raiding with you. Everything I’ve got have been without a guild and pugging. My guild died early BFA and I’ve been out of playing for 5 month except the last 3 or so weeks.

I transferred to area 52 2-3 weeks ago. Forums character list hasn’t caught up. felfur in game

Having alot of fun in 8.3 so far despite all the bugs. Still looking for more solid raiders ready to push CE!

We are still recruiting, come, join us.

Join this fun crew!

Bumping again. AOTC on monday

AOTC achieved, moving into Mythic

We have cookies!!! <3

Bumping up this post so you can join us for these boss kills!

Come yeet with me!

Let’s slap these bosses!

Mythic Xanesh prog is going great! Looking forward to that kill

pour one out for the bumps

Always looking for strong raiders. Never stop improving!

Looking for a holy pally and a mythic-ready dps. Most proud today of the Xanesh re-clear with only minimal tears.