[H] Wanted Rejects - 8/12M NYA, LFM to push 8.3 CE & high M+

[H] Wanted Rejects - Area 52. 8/12M NYA. Looking for more strong raiders to complete our Mythic progression oriented core raid team.

Raid times: Mon/Tues 8-11pm est (progression)

We are a crazy fun group of people who like to hang out and have fun but still make meaningful progression. Our core raiders have very strong raid experience and we need YOU to come fill out our roster.

We are also welcoming returning players with open arms! We look forward to maintaining an exceptional raid team for 8.3 mythic raiding and we will do what we can to catch you up.

Current needs:
DPS & Pally healer

  • Mage (high)
  • Warlock (very high)
  • Hunter
  • Frost/Unh DK
  • Warrior (high)


  • Holy Pally (very high)

However all experienced, dedicated players should apply!

We are also interested in bringing in more M+ key pushers! We already have many active M+ players but we would like to build on what we have in order to create a community for pushing higher and higher keys.

Add our recruitment officers or myself on Bnet if you are interested or have any questions.

Dktrfaust#1775 (recruiter)
Paally#1920 (raid lead, myself)

Come raid with us! We would love to have you.

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We would to anything to you that you love…we mean anything…

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gearing up for 8.3!! this is gonna be yuuuuge!

Still looking

Updated progress. Ashvane down!

Just shot you a Friend request (Milkman Dan) if you’re still looking for a rogue (5/8M) experience on my druid but switched roles.

Come one, come all. Wanted Rejects makes bosses fall!

LFM to join us! Also bringing in dedicated, experienced raiders for 8.3 push to CE!

Did someone say CE?!

Yep we did! But we didn’t say WORLD FIRST.

Always lookin for big players to round out our core for 8.3!

I see you guys are looking for a dk dps, any chance you could eventually find room for a new reroll? Took a break at the end of Uldir but looking to get back in for the end of bfa and get set for Shadowlands. I can provide M Uldir logs if needed

Looking to fill out our CE roster for 8.3! Come and get your spot now!

Still looking for solid Ranged DPS, come join us!

Hi, im a returning player looking for a new home.

Just added you on bnet, Mono#1458

Still need a couple more solid people–getting ready to push hard in 8.3.

Bump Bump. Mythic Orgozoa dead pre-nerf!

bump up this post, bump it up, yea this guild is bumping

Hi. I have a 430 DK, but I’m completely willing to go Warlock. The catch is my Warlock has crap gear. I’ve been raiding since BC and most of this expansion I’ve tanked, but took a break after Battle of Dazara…whatever its called. I’d like to go back to DPS. If you want to know anything else about me let me know. ThePantz#11993