[H] Wanted Rejects - 8/12M NYA, LFM to push 8.3 CE & high M+

LF the most creative way to bump a post. pst

AOTC acquired, looking to tighten up for CE prog

Come to the dark side, we haz cookies <3

Bumping up this post so you can join us!

Yogrt was here

Clap through mythic is us!

Mythic Xanesh prog is goin great! Looking forward to the kill.

Bump da bump

We are always recruiting! Come find your home

We’re recruiting! Highest priority holy pally and mythic-ready dps.

Going 7/12 on Monday. LF Holy Pally and dps to fill out our core team!

We have spots for a Holy Pally and a dps to fill out our core mythic team!

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Joined them a couples of months ago. Best group of DUDES i’ve ever played with. Fun and efficient. JUST DO IT

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Still looking for more!!!


Quick HC clear is tomorrow night, come join us!

Still looking for a couple strong dps!

More CE players needed!

Bumping the post. Still looking for a strong Holy pally and dps to boot!

I’m interested if you’re looking for a boomkin still! I’ll get in touch with someone this afternoon when I get home from work

Bump to the top.

Holy paladins and dps, hit us up, you won’t regret it! ;D