[H] Virility is recruiting

[H] Virility WHITEMANE is a hardcore speed run guild.

We currently focus on splits to maximize our future main character speed run efforts and seek players with the following minimum qualifications:

  • Speed run and hardcore mentality
  • 2 Raid Ready Characters (a Warrior preferred and/or Shaman and/or melee class)
  • 270+ Engineering on both characters
  • Level 20 summoning warlock
  • Ability to flask at a moments notice
  • Full buffs and consumables to every raid on every character
  • Active player willing to do pre/post raid analysis of logs to maximize efficiency

We use a special loot system based on a list of one’s reserves and attendance (similar to ONSLAUGHT). We place an emphasis on the importance of all potential players knowing how to itemize their characters based on their current gear. Short term thinking is highly discouraged.

Players unwilling/incapable of doing the aforementioned will not be considered.

If you meet the requirements, please post in our Discord (discord.gg/6sknNw3) with the following:

  • Your name/names of your two required characters
  • Warcraftlogs
  • Number of level 60 characters you have,
  • A screen shot of your UI’s with key binds showing,
  • A brief explanation of why you want to join and what you bring to raids

We look forward to receiving word from you.

The Virility Team

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