[H] <Vindication> SSC/TK Progression - 1 x Healer (Oct 2021)

We are a retail guild of players that has moved to TBC, our aim is to successfully clear content without having a hyper-focus on the meta and having a good time raiding TBC with casual but capable raids, currently 4/6 SSC and 3/4 TK

We are currently recruiting the last few members of our core 25 man team, if you are looking for a home for TBC, we can offer you a place in our team and our social circle

We use EPGP for loot distribution

Raid days

7:00PM - 10:00PM SVT
6:30PM - 10:00PM SVT

We are looking for the following classes:

  • Resto Shaman
  • Resto Druid
  • Holy Priest

Social members or dungeoneers are welcome, except
ional players are always considered and are still encouraged to get in touch if you would like join our team

Please contact me on Discord if you would like to speak more or join our team
Discord: 66g5XwZwsn

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We have successfully cleared all content and we are trying to lock in our roster ready for the next phase, currently looking for

  • Enh/Ele Shaman
  • Boomkin
  • Holy Paladin
  • Shadow Priest
  • Hunter

Please contact either Drahke ( Correct#7398) or Elchappee (Phenex#11922) on Discord if you would like to speak to a guild leader or join the team!

Looking for 1 more healer to complete our roster for phase 2

Trying to add you on discord it’s not working. Are you still chasing a resto shammy or enhan or ele

Apologies, I changed my Discord tag - new one is Drahke#7398

Vindication looking for Warlocks and Hunters

Looking to pick up a few more for our core roster - we are open accommodating groups of friends who can’t quite make a raid team themselves but want to stay together
Message me on Discord or in game for a chat

Vindication is looking for a Protection Paladin

Need 1 x Resto Shaman to complete our roster

Vindication is chasing a Resto Sham / Resto Druid.

Vindication is currently recruiting 2 x Healers (pref Resto Shaman + Resto Druid) and 1 x Protection Paladin