[H] [Uther] <Pull and Pray> 12/12 H Is Recruiting

Pull and Pray is the biggest guild on Uther/Runetotem-US, amassing over 950 members. We do PVP, PVE, & other types of events as well as gatherings. We are currently looking to recruit more Raiders/PvPers. We are currently Transitioning from a Casual guild to a Semi-Hardcore Raiding guild in Shadowlands. We are also looking for PvPers as well as we do have a Heavy PvP Team as well. We are looking for players who want to have fun, but also want to advance in content and get along. We are also in the top 3 for PvP in terms of Rated PvP teams in Runetotem-Uther! With all that said, we really need Healers/DPS for Both teams/Backup Teams.

we are 12/12 H

Raid Schedule is Tentative (as of now) but is Tues/Thurs at 8PM Server time. (This will most likely Change come Shadowlands)

Needs: Any Exceptional player or those willing to strive. We want to be a Balanced team, but don’t want to turn anyone away because of their class. With that said, We mainly need Heals/DPS for both Main and Backup Teams.

If you have any questions, please feel free to message me In-Game at BlwMiner1#11926, Or Discord at BlwMiner1#7074. I’m an Officer/RL

You can also apply at:docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdk4eEMCu8-DyL5HHbIgh5zETvWSLPyMwTrmFxh6IZNjGjJrw/viewform

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