[H] US173 7/11M 11/11H <Regular Average Gamers>

Regular Average gamers is recruiting to bolster our roster for 9.2. Since the start of the guild, RAG has improved it’s rank every tier. We ended 9.1 at US250 and looking to push into top 150 this tier. 3 Days 9 hours.

Our current recruitment needs are as followed:

High need for:

Exceptional applicants

Resto druid

Contact via b-net indikkah#1869 or GM @ Clown#12927


Still looking for great players

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still looking for ranged dps

still looking for quality players - thank you

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Any chance you are still looking for a Discipline Priest?

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still looking for great players!

Hey! I’m looking for a new raiding guild as a rsham (267)/gearing a hpriest and play with a prot pally (263) if y’all need another tank and heals!

Disc if interested: chamomile#2682

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hey are u guys still looking for arm/fury warrior?