[H][US][Zul’jin]<Darkside> Progression Guild looking to expand roster


Guild & Server: Darkside-Zul’jin

We currently have a raiding core of 9 and are looking to expand to 15 or 20. All exceptional applicants will be considered.

Raid Times/Days :

· Progression: Tues/Thurs 8-10 pm EST

Current Progression:

· 5/8H

· 6/8N

Recruitment Contacts :

Please contact one of the following officers:

· GM: Btag: Missclairol#1395

· Officer: Btag: supertech#1512

· Officer: Btag: Beansidhe#1239

Requirements :

· Discord with mic.

· Item Level – 360+.

· Attendance – Be on time. Be consistent. Answer calendar invites.

· Must be able to raid Tuesdays and Thursdays. Mondays are optional.

· Be knowledgeable in your class - you don’t need to be perfect but at least know your rotation – officers are willing to help you; don’t be afraid to ask.

· Bring your own potions or provide mats to an Alchemist guild member to make your potions for raid.

· BOE’s from raid to be AH’ed for guild repairs or disenchanted for enchanting mats, unless for main-spec or off-spec.

We provide:

· Guild repairs during raid.

· Cauldrons and Feasts during raid.

· Gems and Enchants to raiders for raid gear.

· Raid logs for every fight.

· We want everyone to be their best; officers are willing to help everyone learn and improve with their characters.

We are looking for :

· Healer (Druid, Monk).

· Melee DPS (Rogue, Warrior, DK).

· Ranged DPS (Priest).

· DPS with tank or healer off-spec preferred.

· All other applicants welcome. Above is what we prefer.

In Battle of Dazar’alor, we will be focusing on progression through Normal and Heroic raids. All prospects will be on a trial basis.