[H] [US] [Zul’jin] <Tactics> 10/10H 3/10M Sanctum Seeking Rsham or Hpal

Tactics is a fun laid back raid environment, but still manages to get the job done. Even with a lot of set-backs, we finished strong with 5/10M. We need a solid dedicated Hpally to come fill the spot of a long time raider whose recent schedule change does not allow him to make our times. We raid Tues/Thursday 9:30pm-12:30am EST. If you can make the times and want a solid group of players with a great attitude towards raiding, feel free to reply to the post or add me on Bnet @ Bigmacz#1971.

bumpity bump- yep 5/10 and 20k from 6/10 (we started late) lol

Bump just need a holy pally to round out roster

Need an R druid for mythic and heroic related progression

Free Pizza and sadness

We be clicking as a team! Just need another orange nameplate to join us to be complete! :slight_smile:

bump, Still looking for a dedicated healer. Will take any class at this point, but prefer resto druid or holy priest

6/10 now after killing painsmith, Still need a dedicated strong healer. Prefer, RDruid (top prio) or MWmonk. Other healers feel free to reply

Please, oh please. We need a healer.

Bumpy. We need a big healer to join this ship going places

Bumpity… if you want to raid with a team that does not dissolve part way through the tier and that has fun together… come heal for us!

Hello need healer bigly here

Still seeking a healer to fill out our roster - we’ll be clearing more into Mythic shortly and we really want find the right person. Our current team has H. Pal, Resto Shaman, and a Disc/Holy priest.

If you think you might be the right fit, please drop us a line.

Looking for a few more raiders! MW, Rdruid (so ppl can swap), and a couple of dps (IRL stuff has a few talking a break)! Need a few more fun people to join our rise to power :slight_smile:

great eye pulls and would have had him die it was sub 10%. Need a rDruid or Mistweaver please. We are also recruiting a solid ranged dps and Pref a boomkin or deathknight if it has to be melee.

Have you ever cried at your own birthday party?
Tactics might be the right place for you.

I’ve heard promises of pizza loom on the horizon.

3/10M after this week, still need that healer

3/10 mythic hype! please healer come heal! Need any solid healer that can make times

Amazing first pulls and solid prog on mythic ner’zul! We also toppled sylvanus. Looking for a dedicated Rsham or Hpal to join the ship going pizza