[H] US-Mankrik|<Bound in Blood>|Raid 25m Fri/Sat 10pm-1 EST, 10m Fri/Sat 8pm-9:45 & Mon/Tue 10pm-1

Bound in Blood
We are a guild on [H] US-Mankrik looking to recruit laid back players for our Ulduar 25m team and a new Ulduar 10m team. We have recently undergone some organizational changes and are looking to rebuild our raiding teams. Our ideal candidate is someone who can commit to raiding regularly, has strong communication, and is knowledgeable about their class.


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Discord Contacts:
Ora#8470 - GM
iPodRule1#2147 - Admin

In-game Contacts:
orahann - GM
hulnhighmtn - Admin

Raid Schedule
25m Friday/Saturday 10pm -1am EST.
10m Team-B Monday/Tuesday 10pm - 1am EST.

Recruitment Needs
We consider any player we mesh well with, and we are looking for the following in particular:

25m Team

  1. Shadow Priest
  2. Marks/Surv Hunter
  3. Fire Mage
  4. Restoration Shaman
  5. Enhancement Shaman
  6. Feral/Balance Druid DPS
  7. Retribution Paladin

10m Team-B

  1. Protection Paladin or Protection Warrior with a DPS off-spec.
  2. Discipline Priest
  3. Restoration or Elemental shaman
  4. Affliction Warlock
  5. Assassination/Combat Rogue
  6. Fire Mage

Loot Rules
We use EP/GP for loot. The addon is not required to roll on gear. Legendary items are given via loot council.

Extra Activities
Sometimes we will schedule events for PVP or other games such as Minecraft or Among Us during the week or on Sunday’s. We would love to have someone interested in partaking in this as well.

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Hey, would like to discuss with a recruiter. Could you message me on discord : Frost#9652

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Do you take returning players whos working on getting to 80?

Absolutely, and we’ll help you gear up once you hit max.

100% we take anyone who’s willing to take a try

Ok awesome that would be amazing! Are the classes listed above still needed?

Yes, the classes needed are still the same. You can whisper Orahann, Hehathrisen, or Hulnhighmtn for an invite any time we’re online. Hope to see you soon :slight_smile:

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ok awesome I have a boosted SP I will bring over. It will be alot quicker than starting fresh lol

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Yoo do you guys still have an active pvp scene? I’m hoping to frequently and reliably run full team bgs. I main affi lock but can also run destro or uh dk
I could run demo or affi lock in raid if you need but I am looking for the closest thing in wotlk to a rbg team pushing rating

We do have a PVP scene, but as of right now we’re only running once a week…Typically Thursday.
We also currently do not have enough members to create full team runs for battlegrounds. Thank you for your time, and apologies!

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