[H][US] Illidan - 8/8H 1/8M LF DPS & Heals!

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Attenuation of the Taint

Realm: Illidan
Faction: Horde
Progression: 8/8H 1/8M
Raid Schedule: Wednesday & Thursday 9:45pm - 12am ct
Recruiting: DPS and Healers.
DPS: any would be considered
Heals: Disc Priest / Hpally / Resto Sham - those in particular would be ideal, but please contact me either way if you are interested in playing a healer with us.

About us:

The phrase “seriously casual” may just be the best description for us. Our guild is new to BFA but its members are not. Our leadership consists of several veterans of wow who are familiar with classes and mechanics. Our goal is to progress through raid difficulties and ensure we’re having fun and gearing up in the process. We ride right on the line of joking and goofing around while also knowing when to get serious and work on progression. We currently have normal Uldir on farm for new members and alts while we run heroic/mythic twice a week. Outside of raiding we are running M+ dungeons regularly and doing a little pvp here and there. Scheduled specific groups for M+ will be set up as the guild grows.

What we’re looking for:

Active DPS and healers. Our guild has seen a healthy amount of growth and progression over the past few weeks and we would like to see that continue until we have a consistent weekly raid team as we all prepare for 8.1 and the new raid. Our core group is solid but we are forced to pug out a few spots for raids. Pugs are unreliable and slow down progression. We’re looking for consistent, level-headed players to fill out our roster. Gear or lack of raiding knowledge is no issue so long as you are willing to work with us and learn. If you happen to be on a realm other than Illidan we can work around that as well.

If you are interested or have any questions I’d love for you to contact me on Bnet at Kunkka#1208.


Still looking for new members!

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Raiding tonight!


Fun group of people to raid with!! :slight_smile:

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We added a couple healers but still lfm. We could really use a mage as well!


Going to be 8/8 H this week. Really need some Warlocks and Ranged DPS.

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Raiding tonight and tomorrow. Come join us to see how things go!


Raiding tonight really could use some Warlocks


Like the monk said, 8/8 H now.

Are you a reasonably skilled player, a somewhat fully-functioning adult, and not completely socially maladjusted?

If so, come watch me try to tank Mythrax as unholy, have fun killing bosses, and get weird with us, but not creepy weird. That job is taken (not by me).

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We would love to help you gear up and prepare for 8.1!


We are currently Raiding (Normal) Uldir Tuesday Night 9:45PM Server (Optional) and (Heroic/Mythic) Wednesday/Thursday Night at 9:45PM Server We are 8/8H and 1/8M. We really need some consistent DPS and a healer or two. If you have any questions please contact me @Aronious#1777 or Our recruitment officer @ Kunkka#1208

Returning horde player (balance druid) seeking 2 night raiding guild, available Mon/Wed/Thu/Fri nights
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Still recruiting!


Yes, we are still recruiting!