[H] [US] Area 52 & Tichondrius Guild Collaborative AOTC LFM

Guild & Server: Shadow of Hades on Area 52 & Bad Friends on Tichondrius
-Raid Times/Days: Tuesday & Thursday 7 to 9 PST (9-11 CST, 10-12 EST)
Current Progression: 7/10N 2/10H SoD
Recruitment Contacts: Skid @ Skidmarxz#1888 (Area 52) & Bosh Midknight#1343 (Tichondrius)
Context: We are a collaboration of friends that enjoy pushing keys and raiding. Most of us are gamers that have been gaming for years (or decades), we have jobs/kids/irl responsibilities, but still love to game.
Requirements: 215+ ilvl with similar progression. Good attitude. Willing to learn and improve.
Needs: Healer - Disc Priest & Resto Shaman. RDPS & Melee DPS. Any exceptional player will be considered