[H] [US] [AREA 52] 240 Destro lock, 239 Rogue, 239 feral and 2 others LF guild!

Hey all! Group of long time dedicated raiders and friends looking for a semi hardcore raid team that pushes for CE. We are dedicated players who will show up to every raid and keep up with everything we need to. We play everyday and 3 of us since vanilla. Majority of us are mainly heroic exp BUT we went 5/10m in CN , and we really want to push for CE and are ready to dedicate everything to do so. We are looking for a weekday evening guild (except wed.). Our classes are 240 destro lock, 239 assass rogue, 239 feral druid, 237 ret pally, 234 unholy DK. Can provide logs upon request , would love to hear from anyone who thinks we could be a viable fit. Add me on Discord @ KDIESEL#8811


If you are open to transferring to Illidan, Please reach out!