[H][US]2 dps LF Guild for mythic progression, one is 2/8, other is 5/8 both 1k+ io players


We can raid any night that starts at earliest 9:15pm EST. (10pm est on weekends)

Per the header we are looking for a reliable progression guild that can push content at a consistent pace on a 2 night a week raid schedule. We both have multiple toons with good io scores and our mains both have a 1k+ io score. One of us is 5/8M and the other is 2/8M both competitive players looking to push content looking for main raid spots in BfD. We both have multiple classes at 120 that we would be willing to work on gearing for raid for the right group.

What we are looking for is a reliable guild that is active outside of raid and strives to push keystones and themselves as players. We play 5-7 nights a week and push ourselves to be as prepared as possible and reliable and ready for raiding and keystones. Guild must have active players to consider server xfer’s that we can reliably run keys most nights with.

2/8M player:
Balance Druid 380 with an OS of Feral that is also 380
BrM/WW monk 375
Frost mage 369
Disc priest 350+
Havoc DH 350+
Rogue that is 320+.

5/8M player:
Warlock: (doesn’t want to play anymore) 380
Rogue: 372
Hunter: 377
Warrior: Not 120 but would prefer to play if occasion permits

Discord: DeckardBit#2391 PM for details on classes/players


Went to add your discord, but it says name is incorrect. If you wouldn’t mind adding me on btag: Sevilon#1967 or discord: Sevilon#6614, I’d like to talk with you some more.