[H] <Unrivaled> 8/9M BoD 2-night LF Monk/BDK Tank


Looking for DPS and healers!


Currently in < Warpath > US 80
Took a break with the birth of my son (Was a raider prior to break). Back and looking for a new guild.
Warpath has a new sunday raid day that i can not make.


Character has been 120 for 3 weeks and neck is at lvl 33. Also have a 370 dh/rogue/currently gearing my resto druid and leveling my pally to gear as Holy.
Ideally whatever role i fill i will have 1 main and 1-2 alts i’m keeping up to date with.
Tier 20/Tier 21 logs here -http://s1360.photobucket.com-

You can reach me at any method below or on this forum

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Thank you for the post Warheads, potentially something there, I’d be interested in having you apply over at -unrivaledgaming.org- to learn a bit more about you, as well as be able to view the logs you listed from prior tiers as they don’t appear to be loading for me. Hope to hear back, and back to the top we go!


Thanks, yeah old logs are tricky to find sometimes. Tried to screenshotted them to make it easier.
Chemicalx US 100 ish go to view detailed rankings (in blue) then to Tier 21
Trapkeks US 22 same thing but Tier 20


Let me know if you are still interested and i will drop an app.

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Adding you on bnet and discord, but yes, interested enough to have you apply sir.


Still in search of a very good looking healer.

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What this guy said ^^


Happy Holidays!

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Keep it up front

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Thank you friends


Artifact Power!

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Gotta collect it all


In search of a very a good looking priest. Logs are secondary. Attitude is tertiary.

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Christmas Eve bumpin


still looking for a priest

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Hello friends, weekend love.


Hi were you still looking for a priest?
If so, lets chat. Thanks!
Btag: Stupyd#1487

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Thank you for the inquiry and chat thus far!


In search of good looking resto shaman with dps flex!

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Shamans where are you