[H] <Undecided> is recruiting!

Not sure what guild to raid with? Join us in being !

Who We Are
is a combination of a few friend groups that want to get through the Classic content all the way through Naxx. We have a range of experience levels, including players from vanilla and new players to the game. We have a relaxed and casual environment, all while clearing the current content weekly.

Our Raid Schedule
Sundays, 11am-3:00pm – BWL (8/8) & MC (10/10)
Additional Onyxia when up and 2 ZG groups to choose from (some with 7pm start, some with 10pm start)

Our Loot System
We use CEPGP for BWL currently and will use CEPGP for AQ40 when it comes out.
In MC & ZG, we run a soft-reserve system and /roll MS>OS.

We are Recruiting:
HIGH PRIORITY: Shaman (resto), Priest (holy/disc), Mage, DPS Warrior
MEDIUM PRIORITY: Warlock, Hunter
NOT RECRUITING: Druid (any spec), Shaman (dps)
*Would make an exception for exceptional players Feel free to message us!

If you’re interested in giving us a try, please contact one of our officers either on discord or in game (please include your character name that you wish to join with): Tiryns, Mapster, Denaduron, Koi, Sylphrena, Khmooza

Hi Undecided. I am a 60 Warlock beginning to raid (Mix of ZG/Tier 1/Bloodvine/Tier 2 Helm), but looking to transfer to find a new home. Everything you mentioned sounds great. If you are still recruiting, I’d be happy to chat more. BNet Aohex55#1720