[h] two tanks and bm hunter lf core spot

Hey gamers, myself and two others are currently looking for a guild, preferably on Barth Horde, to prog through mythic with. Two tanks and a BM hunter, might be hard pressed to find a guild looking for those two tanks spots, not interested in off-spec positions. I’m 12/12H yet to step into mythic as a BM hunter, but I’m still a thicc juicy boi and the tanks are both 4/12M respectively.

Ideal start time would be 8:30-9:00PM AEST.

Can provide logs and io pages if needed.

Quite possibly could take on 2 tanks provided they have decent logs / raid history.

add corzaa#1990 in-game. I’m the GM of Clarity and look forward to speaking with you in regards to a trial :slight_smile: