[H] Tues/Sat raid team LFM!

Tuesday 8pm-11:00pm EST / Saturday 8pm-Midnight EST

Our team has consistently achieved AotC over the course of BFA and has previously been Heroic centered but with 8.3 we are looking to push Mythic once the X-Realm Mythic raiding becomes available. Half of our raid team is off server.

7/12N on first night. Going into Heroic week 2.

Right now we’re looking for (1) Tank and (5) DPS.

We are a pretty casual group that likes to have fun as long as bosses are going down in a timely manner. We have achieved our goals throughout this expansion so far and are looking to raise the bar for ourselves going forward. We’re mainly a PvE bunch and most of our players are very much into M+ outside of raiding.

If you’re interested or wanna talk more feel free to reply here or add me on Bnet/Discord - Nistro#1542/Slickdisky#7344

I look forward to any replies!

8/8H Uldir AotC
9/9H BoD AotC
2/2H CoS AotC
8/8H EP AotC

Join us, we’re :cowboy_hat_face: people

:cowboy_hat_face: people is a great way to describe us

Returning mythic raider looking to play druid or priest for 8.3 can heal tank or dps depending on class currently 430 ilvl on either toon and have all classes at 120 and comparative ilvl. I love mythic plus and arenas as well

Add me on Bnet! Nistro#1542 - I’d love to chat more.

Happy patch day! Still need a Tank and some DPS! =)

Gib Me Monk monkas

7/12N first night - going into heroic next week after a clear on Saturday. Could use a tank for that night too! Maybe some DPS as well. Hit me up =)