[H] <Trivial> (14/14 T6 Week 1) Recruiting

Trivial is a long-standing guild which has consistently raided since the beginning of Classic and has a history on Vanilla and TBC private servers.

We cleared 14/14 T6 in week 1 as well as 10/10 T5 in week 1. We field two raid teams - one raids on Saturday 11am-3pm + Sunday 6pm-10pm and the other on Wednesday and Thursday evenings.

We’re not an over-the-top min/max guild. We aim to clear all content comfortably and efficiently and are committed to respecting raid times and not extending.

These are the main classes we’re currently looking for to start relatively soon in core positions, but will consider any exceptional applicants:

  • Restoration Druid
  • Arcane Mage
  • Destruction Warlock
  • Protection Paladin
  • Beast Mastery Hunter

We are not actively running SSC and TK atm, so please be attuned for MH and BT.

Additionally, we would like to recruit people for bench positions. We will be implementing full loot points within our EPGP system for people on the bench. Of course, we will try to work skilled and reliable bench players into our core at the first available opportunity too.

See discord.gg/MGkUXXyajH for more info or add Jarra#6135 to have a chat.

Edit: Updated classes we’re looking for in T6.