[H] <Toxicity Limit> 10/11 H LFM for AOTC

Toxicity Limit is a newly founded, semi-casual guild that is looking for more to fill out our heroic raid roster. We are a fun group of players who like to have a good time, while still downing content.


Tuesday/Thursday 8-11PM EST


  • Melee DPS (Warrior or Death Knight preferred)
  • DPS with Healing OS
  • Non- Monk Tank


  • 255 Ilvl
  • Both Legendaries
  • 4 set
  • Some raid progression

Although all exceptional players are encouraged to apply.

We are also always looking for more players to run M+ or that are just looking for a place to call home.

We look forward to hearing from you! Please do not hesitate to contact either of us on battlenet:


Thank you!

Hey, I am Vaxxis. I tank for this guild and I also approve of this message.

Happy Reset Day Eve!

Hey you! Yeah you, I know you’re reading this post and wondering if this guild is worth it. Well it is. So join us.

please send help they have me chained up in here.

Updated Search Requirements! I would love to talk with you!

:wave: hello, would love to talk but I believe the capitalization is incorrect on your discord links! Feel free to reach out on discord at Imsy#7281 or on BNET at Imsy#11908

I sent you a friend request on battlenet :slight_smile:

Where my plate dps at? holla at cha boi and come get aotc with us.

Happy Saturday!

still need a tank and some melee dps, LETS GOOO!

Happy Vault Day!