[H] <Titans> Late Night Raiding Guild Recruiting, 9/10 T5

Hey all!

Titans is a Horde guild on the PvP server Bigglesworth that is focused on raiding in TBC Classic! We are a late night guild with raid times of Tues/Wed 10:30pm-1:30am PST. We are currently 8/10 T5 working on Lady Vashj followed by Kael’thas. We also run an OPTIONAL Mag/Gruul/Kara on Thursday nights at raid time that is open to everyone (raiders, casuals, alts, etc.).

Our goal is to clear content quickly while having a fun time doing so! We strive to maintain a positive raiding atmosphere without any toxicity and drama.

We do want to make sure that everyone is on the same page so that we can all dive into raid as prepared as possible. In TBC, this means keeping up on leveling, dungeon gearing, reputations, and attunements. We will certainly help each other get through all of the various challenges but each individual person does have to put in their own time in order to progress.

Some of us have played Classic from the start while others switched over from retail. We all know how hard it can be to find a late night community to enjoy the game with so it is always great when a new member joins our guild!

High Priority Recruitment Needs


  • Recruiting positions for Bench only


  • Resto Shaman


  • Warlock
  • Enhancement Shaman

Feel free to message me on either Bnet or Discord if you are interested!:

Bnet: Bamboroo#1689
Discord: Jakinto#4028

we be bumping

Still in search of some competitive players looking to push hard and have fun! Hit us up!

Are you guys currently raiding or are you just leveling up in preparation for TBC?

We’re not raiding currently, just getting prepared for TBC right now. Some of us are working on leveling while others have played Classic since release and are working on alts or farming gold!

still need a few solid players to finish out the raid team almost complete!

I am def interested, added you on Bnet and Discord as Marcus.

room for a ret paladin?

Unfortunately we are only looking for 1-2 tanks to fill out our final 10 man group at this time. If you would like to play prot pally for one of those groups we can definitely have a chat!

still need a few dps to round out our 25 man core for mag’s, gruuls, and t5-t6. we know you are out there dps so apply now!

Looking for a couple more healers and dps specs (see post above) to round out all of our 3 Karazhan teams and 25 man composition!

Looking for 1 lock to round out our kara teams /25 core moving forward all content cleared.

In need of a resto shaman!

Hit us up if your blasting and tryna pump tier 5!

Where are you balance or resto druids at!

are you still looking for a Boomy?

sorry we just found a boomy! we’re on the lookout for an Resto Sham atm

BUMP BUMP :slight_smile: