[H] Tichondrius US - [Backups] - Recruiting Weekend Raiders!

We are recruiting for our CORE raid team. We are AOTC focused and will not be doing mythic raiding. We raid Saturday and Sunday 8pm-11pm pacific. We just transferred to Horde this expansion but got AOTC every tier last expansion. If you want to raid with a solid and positive group we’d love to have you.

We are looking for all dps classes and specs!

I am interested.
Discord: Daysu#5017

Sent you a friend request. I’m Famsowler#4971

Saturday is iffy but Sunday is 100 good to go if you wanna accept a feral/guardian

How iffy is iffy? :slight_smile:

I work Saturdays from 8pm until 6am iffy lol. May be able to play at work tho

I am interested in joining. The posts says DPS. Is there an update on exactly what classes and specs you guys are looking for? Currently leveling a tank but I plan on leveling Rdps and Mdps as soon as I am done with my tank.

My buddy and I are looking for a new raiding guild (Assassination Rogue & Enhancement Shaman). We’ve both got lots of raiding experience but haven’t found a guild that had a great schedule for us.

I’m on central time so end of raid on Sunday is a little late, but I can make it work most weeks, Saturday schedule sounds perfect though.

Discord: NorthernRift#3814
Bnet: Kronyx#1374

Look forward to hearing from you!

Hey spriest here with AOTC since it launched in WOD, lots of mythic experience before SL. Interested in AOTC and raiding again. I play every class but focus on Spriest, Demolock and DH this xpac. Hit me up at Warpony#1261


I’m a returning raider with SL S1 AOTC and 6/10 CN Mythic experience looking to just focus on heroic raiding this expansion on my Warlock. Hit me up on Discord (Lysid#1079) or BN (Lysid#1135) if you’d like to talk more about it.

Interested rdruid/balance disc is orbaus#4250

Hey, I’m interested if needed. I’m a shadow/disc priest. kakumeii#1462