[H] Tichondrius LF Raiding guild

Hello I’m currently looking for a guild to start raiding with in 9.2 . I have experience with high level raiding as tank healer and dps and have achieved cutting edge in 8.3 with a former guild as an officer that has since disbanded , I currently have not raided in shadowlands but have multiple toons 240 - 252 I level and 2k io and looking for an opportunity to get back into the raiding scene

My availability for raid times seems to be my pain point as I can raid any weekday and most weekends but with a cutoff of 10 server time.

List of current toons and roles I have available are:

Resto/ele shaman 250
Hunter any spec 250
Warrior any spec 238
Blood/unholy dk 240
Druid any spec 245
Rogue any spec 249
Paladin Prot 242

I also have mage , monk, dh, priest, all at level cap (every class but warlock) at around 200 I level I’m willing to gear and play any class really , i am not dedicated to any spec or role and I can play at a decently high level for any class/ role and can adjust to fit whatever the guild may need , overall I am tired of playing the game by myself and looking for a group of friends to run some raids with and m+ let me know if I can find a home with you ! Thanks!!

Hi there! I’m not sure what that server time is for us but we raid Tues/Wed 8-11 EST and have a few spots we are looking to fill before 9.2
Our guild is “Natural Selection” on Area52! We are one of the longest running guilds on our server and super active! Tons of keys being run as well.
Let me know if you might be interested! Best way to contact is discord - Aearo#9581

Hey there, not sure if weekend afternoons fit your raiding schedule, but my guild is looking for some dps for semi-casual AOTC/mythic raid and anyone for key pushing. We’re also on Bleeding Hollow if you’d be interested in eventually transferring.