[H][Tichondrius] Brewmaster 418 2.2k+ io LF Guild


Looking for a guild that I can call home, for me a guild is more than just the X hours we spend raiding together.

I was in a guild that disbanded during Uldir, since then I’ve been pugging M+ only without raiding. I’d like to find a guild that has players that push M+. I’m not looking to be on the mythic raiding roaster, because I currently can’t guarrantee that I’ll be online every X days at a specific time for CE pushing even tho I plan to have the time for that after the summer. I’d enjoy a guild that clear HC and invite people that are not only the mythic raider.

Class I do not mind playing for the guild: Monk, Rogue, DH, War, Pal, DK, Priest.

You can expect from me to always understand how my class works and how to perform, I always try to improve my gameplay and always aim for optimal setup. I always come prepared and know the fights not only for me but as a whole.

I’m not closed to the idea of changing realm but I’d prefer not to.