[H] Tichondrius <Atrophy> is recruiting for casual raid team

Hello! Atrophy-Tichondrius is currently recruiting for our b-team casual raid group. We are a friendly team who don’t mind helping each other improve and practice at the game. Come and have fun with us!

Raid times are:
Sunday 6pm-9pm PST
Monday 7pm-9pm PST

We have achieved AOTC for each tier, and plan to do so for this tier as well.

We currently are recruiting for all roles! Please indicate what role you would like to play when reaching out!

Add me on Battle.net or Discord to apply or ask questions!

BTag: Androkats#1816
Discord: Androkats#8823

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Atrophy guild best guild

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I got to get out of here! I got to
get out of here! You can’t lock us
up like this! Let me go! What about
my Miranda rights? You’re supposed
to say I have the right to remain
silent. Nobody said I have the right
to remain silent!

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You have the right to remain silent! What you lack is the capacity.

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I must hold on before I, too, go
totally mad.

we are still recruiting! don’t be shy please reach out if interested!