[H] <THUNDERHOOF TRIBE> An All-Tauren Guild

Thunderhoof Tribe is an all-Tauren guild with a 13 year history of engaging world PVP and RP. We are based on and grew from the original Thunderhoof Clan from The Venture Co. [RP/PVP], which is still active and playing.

Many of us here on DD were members of guilds within The DreadHorde, which was a confederation of Horde guilds working together. We have also been joined by a number of fellow Tauren from around the WoW multi-verse.

Our aim is to be active in WPVP, protecting and representing Tauren interests through roleplaying. We are seeking either individuals to join us in Thunderhoof, or in making connections with other guilds, both Horde and Alliance, to make WPVP on this server interesting and exciting. We are hoping to help build a healthy and thriving home community here.

Thunderhoof Tribe is calling for Tauren of good character who are seeking to serve both their people and the community at large. Character names need to be RP-friendly. Experience level is not a barrier to entry, we welcome anyone who seeks to walk the path.

Heart, hands, hooves, and horns is all you need.

Contact Aovi or any member of Thunderhoof Tribe for more information.



Hey Aovi. Good to see you back.

These folks are a lot of fun - highly recommend the guild.

I’m playing Grob as my prime server but do have Horde alts on here. In fact, I have a Tauren with the name Thunderhoof. Seems like a good fit!

Best of luck!


We needed a Tauren Only RP guild. Added you to the RP Roster!


@ Hecatomb: It looks like there will be a couple of Tauren-centric guilds on DD. I look forward to comparing and contrasting notes with the other tribes. And thanks for your work organizing!

@Charax: SO glad to hear from you! If any of your (Tauren) alts need a home, you are welcome among The Herd.


Calling all hooves to join us for questing, dungeons, wpvp, or fishing at the bluff! Message anyone in Thunderhoof Tribe for more information.


Great to see an all-tauren RP guild.


A bump o’ da horns.

We’re growing nicely, slowing down on the recruitment and are now focusing more on establishing some inter-guild relationships with Horde and Alliance. Aovi#1562

Oh, I made the papers! So proud!

Camp Taurajo–The Mulgore Post

Aovi Moonwatcher of the newly-formed Thunderhoof Tribe surprised judges in the Camp Taurajo Oat Eating Contest this Sunday by eating a whopping 4.58 pounds of oats in the one minute contest.

This shattered the previous record of 3.2 pounds held by Borgrum Hollowhoof of Thousand Needles. Borgrum had held the record for 3 years.

Last year’s Oatmaster, Churvis Spikeymane placed second with 2.95 pounds.

Drop by our forum
[can’t include links but it is: thunderhoof (dot) gamerlaunch (dot) com]


Aovi looks at the roster of old friends and new recruits.

"Some good blood here. We grow stronger each day, " he says with a smile.

Padwanu speaks up, “But Chieftain, have you noticed something strange?”

Aovi scans the list as Padwanu contiues, “We have precious few Hunters.”

A snort escapes from Aovi and he nods.

“Then we shall have to find some.”

((Help us cover our shame, Tauren Hunters of DD! Give any Thoofer a holler for more info.))


I was genuinely saddened when I realized you folks weren’t on Grobbulus. I have nothing but fond memories from the VeCo days. Perhaps our paths will meet again <3

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I reserved my name on Grobb, and had intended to go there at first, but when the second RP/PVP server opened up decided to roll here instead. Thunderhoof Clan on VeCo had no official plans for classic, so we made Thunderhoof Tribe.

There were a number of factors beyond just the initial queue times. Thunderhoof has always been a low-to-no drama guild, and we really preferred the smaller, more intimate settings we had on VeCo.

I knew we’d be missing a lot of our old friends by choosing to make our home here, but I also knew there would be opportunities to develop new relationships. I have not been disappointed–there are a great number of community-oriented people looking to build a smaller, but just as worthwhile experience here. And as an aside, I honestly had no idea we’d have as many of our old 'Hooves come join in.

Blacktooth Grin are going to thrive on Grobb, as you would no matter where you rolled. I am sad that Thunderhoof won’t be a direct part of that this time around, but I will be watching and cheering you on.

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If I wasn’t already Alliance I’d join this tribe. Good stuff.


Thank you!

It’d be great to have you or your guild’s leadership contact us. Good play on an RP/PVP hinges on having honorable enemies.

Right now most people are focused on getting established and leveling, but in the future that will moooo-ve (excuse me, habit) to creating interesting campaigns and storylines. Always great to have cross-factional co-operation.


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When they day is gone and all the quest and dungeons are done, i use my hearthstone to TB. The place is peaceful and the people are chilling in the pool, the Thunderhoof Tribe folks are usually there so it really feels like home.

  1. Thank you to you and your guild mates for the likes on my post “A Gnotebook”! I really appreciate the support and encourages me to continue making entries.

  2. Love your guild! Love that it’s all Tauren. And love that you embrace the RP-PvP nature of the server. Thank you for truly representing what RP-PvP communities should be all about, setting the standard, and modeling the way for the rest of us.

Thunderhoof Tribe rocks!


When the Sun is setting low and the daily Hunt is completed, there is nothing like to head home to get around the ceremonial fire and listen or tell stories of past adventures


We are beginning to fill out with some 60’s and are looking of some good ol’ classic Tauren healing for both PVE and PVP.

Come join the Tribe and put your medical degree from Mulgore University (GO MU!) to good use while serving your people!


Very cool idea, and very much needed on an RP-PVP server. It makes the entire server that much more rich and interesting. I look forward to meeting your braves on the battlefield in honorable combat. /salute


These guys are awesome dudes. Sadly, I’m not a Tauren.


The Horde needs good Orcs, Trolls, and Undead too!

That Undead part is debatable. :joy:


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