(H) Thrall Tues/Thurs AOTC & Mythic Guild

Tawny Wind Rider Gang (6/12M; 12/12H) is looking for guildies. Accepting casual players any level, raiders, and M+ recruits. Come join us for the end of the expansion as we prepare for Shadowlands!

We are focused on AOTC each tier and then pushing Mythic. Raids are Tues/Thurs 8-11p server. Optional Heroic Weekend Raid. M+ as a guild on Mondays.

Rdps (all classes)
Healer (pref. Pally)
Tank (off-tank)


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“After being freed from vicious harpies by Cairne and Thrall, many of these tawny wind riders became valuable companions of the Horde.” A small excerpt from Sir David Attenborough’s new book, The Life of Kalimdor Mammals . He is an honorary member and we’d like to see you join, too!


I need more caster friends

wtb locks and/or mages

Need more friends

Need all the ranged classes

bump! recruiting dps and heals

Come and earn AOTC with us

Need dps and a resto shaman

5/12 heroic LF Shaman heals and Mage dps

8/12h. Come join the fun, need mage and resto shaman

8/12 H bump

What are you looking for?

resto shaman and rpds preferred, but still need some big dps.

8/12H; seeking rdps and healers (shaman or drood pref.)

vex down 9/12h

9/12 heroic looking for some new friends.

could use a rockstar warrior dps too

bump; recruiting 1 dps (pref. mage) and 1 healer (pally or shaman)

As you walk down the dark corridor that leads into The Cleft of Shadows, an engraved stone plaque catches your attention–not so much the words sculpted but the graffitied orange-brown outline of a wind rider.

You’re in their territory now.

The orange-brown paint is smeared down the wall until you reach the chamber that is the home of the shadowy denizens of Orgrimmar. Not much farther in you notice the familiar wind rider outlined on the “Dark Earth” sign. In the tent there is a haggard, bald orc with a purple beard. He looks you up and down and nods. Walking you to the south side of his tent behind the mushroom patch, there is a cut in the fabric that he drapes open. Does he know you? Were they expecting you? Is he a terrible doorman?

The wide, hollowed out hallway leading down before you is dark, but there is a glow of light at the end. Walking through you hear some growls. You notice above in the carved rocks is a terrace where you see about a dozen wind riders. Most pay you no mind, but a couple don’t like the new scent you brought into their domain. They do nothing from their perch but growl as you slowly and gingerly sneak to the end of the hallway. You start to hear some hubbub around the corner from where the light is originating from and as you turn the corner you find their hideout.

The Tawny Wind Rider Gang.

It’s obvious where the noise is coming from now. Two long tables are in the main room with a balcony overhead where another table looks over the entire main room. At the opposite end of the room past the long tables, there is a long and fully stocked bar. It looks like they are getting well……hydrated. Scattered amongst the tables are all different types of foods and drinks. Seated around the tables eating, drinking, laughing, are all different races of the Horde just enjoying themselves. Up at the table on the balcony, half a dozen or so deliberating on some kind of plan and possibly ordering an “really old steak”? No one seems to have caught on to your presence yet, but in your peripheral vision, you notice something. In a dark corner, 2 glowing blue eyes stare back at you.

You hear a rhythmic snapping of the fingers in the corner where the small creature with glowing blue eyes is coming from. The conversations from everyone else starts to quiet down as they pick up on the sound, too. One of the members up on the balcony begrudgingly yells, “Really?! We’re doing this, like, for real?” The small creature emerges from the shadow; it’s a small vulpera with black fur-- a death knight by the looks of it due to His glowing eyes. He flattens his ears and pulls them back, like an angry, yet adorable little mangy fox-person he is, and points up to the balcony and says, “You indirectly asked for this!! And I expect everyone to snap their fingers!” He slides back into the corner. The rhythmic finger snapping starts again with a chorus of boos and “Why is this happening?” The vulpera then bourrees out of the corner, into a grand jete, into a temps leve, into a bow in front of you. He postures up and breathes looking like he’s about to belt out a song when suddenly someone from the balcony speaks up: “Bobby, it’s time to feed the wind riders. If you could take our guest out with you, it’d be appreciated.” Frozen in the same posture with his mouth wide open from breathing in, his eyes looking at you, then looking back at the balcony, back at you, back at the balcony. He slumps down, defeated, “Fiiiiiine! Follow me.”

You tune out the small death knight as you follow him back down the hallway. He keeps going on about how a choreographed dance fight could really help recruit new members into the gang. He is a very strange vulpera. He notices you’re not paying attention and asks, “So what’s the deal? You were curious enough to let some shroomed up guy lead you into our hideout. You interested in joining up? We have a really crazy initiation process; I almost lost my arm!”

A voice calls out in the dark, “No, you didn’t.” Looking around, you don’t see anyone. The vulpera is unamused by the voice, “You’re no fun, you sneaky rogue! I was just having a bit of fun! But you can’t deny that we are required to wear all pink to every guild gathering!”

“Yes, I can. Apologies, stranger. Unclbobbybee just likes to be a little bit of a jokester to newcomers.”

“Why don’t you come out of the shadows, Mr. Rogue!”

“Because I don’t have to. I’m just watching you, Bobby. Making sure we don’t have anymore incidents!”

“It was one time!” He focuses back to you instead of yelling in the dark.” Look, I’m new here myself. Haven’t been with the gang for more than a month now. I don’t know how you found yourself here or why you let a shroomed up orc lead you into a dark cave, but you’re here and found us. I found a fun and crazy group of people that accepted me and while I goof off and most of my jokes don’t land, they’ve been kind and helped me out for the little time they’ve known me. So if you want to help us save Azeroth by slaying tentacle monsters, just say so!”

TL;DR: 9/12H, looking for dps and healers.