[H]-Thrall Hunter and rogue looking for AOTC guild


Me and a buddy were looking for a raiding guild that does AOTC, we could careless for CE due to not having the time. We recently came back to the game for 8.2 and are wanting to raid again. We are open for any night of the week, we would like raid teams that start about 8-9 in the evening. Thank you.


Hey Janhunt, my guild sixes and sevens on malganis may be just what you are looking for! We raid Wednesday and Sunday evenings at 830 EST and are currently 8/8 N on Eternal Palace and will be progressing thru Heroic starting next week.

About us, Sixes and Sevens (previously known as Preemptive Revenge on Turalyon) has been together since Mists of Pandaria days (the main core of us) and have been getting AOTC’s since then. We dabble a bit in mythic raiding when we can, but we normally push thru AOTC, then work towards achievements and things like that. Mount runs, older content for missing transmog pieces etc.

We are adults, and sometimes adult things happen, (job, kids, school, work etc) and we know those take precedence, so we are understanding when you need to step out of the game for a day, week, month or so to handle your personal business. We all have issues that pop up, so no problems when issues arrive.

What we expect from you is to be ready when raid starts. We aren’t going to call people out in chat or discord, but we will address things in whispers and help out getting any enchants, gems, pots, flasks, food etc for raiders. We only ask that you contribute a bit to the guild bank, thru farming herbs, ore, etc as you can.

We also ask that you research your role, spec, fights prior to raid time to minimize explanation times and to help with the flow of the raid, since we only raid 6 hrs a week.

If this sounds like it may be up your alley, hit up Veritias#1304 on Bnet, or Veritias#1595 on discord and tell him Big Mike sent you! Thanks in advance for considering us!


also, idk why it posted under my alt avatar, but this is my main! Cheers!


Hi Janhunt,

Keepers of the Dark [Thrall] is a laid back casual guild with a raid group that runs 2 times a week totaling 5 hours a week. (see below for times). We are pushing for AoTC in 8.2. We are a smaller guild at the moment but we have a very strong core group. Would love to add to our roster and make some new friends. Feel free to add me on Real ID if you would like to know more or even come in on some raids to test the waters. Have a great day!

Keepers of the Dark [H][Thrall]

Guild Goals: We are trying to create a positive environment for players of all skill levels. Our goal is to have weekly events for everyone to take part in. Mythic+, Transmog, Achievement runs, and PvP.

Raid Goals: We are pushing for at least AoTC for 8.2. Depending on where our group is by that time we may push through into Mythic.

Raid Times: Wed and Sun 9:00-11:30 EST


-Tank: Low Priority (Both raid leads are currently tanking)
-Healer High
-Ranged DPS High
-Melee DPS High

Send me a message at Oathmaker#1785