[H] - Thrall 4/12m Hpally/Resto Druid LFGuild

hiya. So, i have a paladin and druid heals, both are 470+ and almost completely caught up. My pally is currently 4/12m and looking to get the druid aotc this weekend. I started back up at the end of february and looking to get after it in this final tier. I was a bit more casual in season 3, but was 7/9M on my paladin in season 2 BoD and am no stranger to pulling a boss 300+ times. I have dps off specs for both my classes and try to bring as much as i can to the table, though i do prefer raiding on the paladin. Attendance has never been an issue as i am very committed to whatever it is im doing.

With that being said, i want to make it clear that at this time i am not looking to change servers. With all thats going on in the world, im hoarding every dollar i have until i dont need to. I also prefer to raid 2 nights per week.

I am generally home around 630p EST and open to raid after that, i just dont want to start too late (i feel like starting after 10PM would be kind of pushing it).

I also like to push keys. Teeming/volcanic/tyran coming up soon.

If youre interested and/or would like to have a chat in discord, you can reach me on either Aetro (paladin) or Aytro (druid). Im on every evening.

Hey there, I totally get where u are coming from in terms of not wanting to swap servers. We are not on your server but still thought be best to put myself out there for our guild as we are looking for a main healer atm. We raid TUE/WED 915-1215 Eastern and are 5/12 Horde guild. We are holding heroic tonite for some trials and if you want to at least chat and get a better idea of us and what we bring ADD ME ON BNET : Rawra#1290

Hey - Fallen Empire (horde, mal’ganis) is recruiting for core raid positions. We raid Tues/Wed 9PM - 12AM EST and in light of the unusual circumstances surrounding the current lockdown, we are offering paid transfers for raiders to start mythic with us on Tuesday, March 31.

About Fallen Empire:

BFA Prog - Uldir CE, BoD CE, 6/8M EP, currently 3/12M

We’re a group of CE raiders that finally read the writing on the wall and transferred off our dead server to continue mythic raiding at a high level a few weeks ago. We’ve just started mythic raiding again last week. We’re a semi-hardcore bunch of friends, the raid atmosphere is fun and laid back. That said, we want to clear the tier with CE as quickly as possible so we can have a bit of a break between tiers.

We’ve been around for over 12 years and aren’t going anywhere soon - if you’re looking for a stable place to call home, hit us up.

Contact Slayna#1159 (bnet) or Dr. Wek#1632 (discord)

Transcendent 3/12M 12/12H Newly transfered to Zul’Jin is recruiting to fill out our core roster for Mythic progression in Ny’alotha and forward. We are a Semi-Hardcore progression guild aiming to achieve Cutting Edge by end of tiers.

Raid Times
Tues 10PM - 1AM EST

Weds 10PM - 1AM EST

Thurs 10PM - 1AM EST

We start forming raid at 9:45PM EST and expect EVERYONE to be in raid by 10PM.

Raider Expectations
We expect all our raiders to come into raid with a progression based mindset. To come prepared, this means knowing the fights, being on time and having an understanding of your class/spec.

We supply all our raiders with Flask and Consumables.

Roster Needs
Holy Pally - HIGH NEED


Will consider ALL exceptional players regardless of roster needs!!

Contact Us!
Cobains, GM - hamster#11650 ~ BNET, hamsterhiatus#9997 DISCORD

Squid, Recruitment Officer - RuckFoyal#1273 ~BNET

Slandor, RL - BigChungus#1280 ~BNET

Meta, Officer - molo#1476

Bob, Officer - NightKnight#137637

Guild: hello team

Faction: Horde

Server: US-Crushridge

Current Prog: 6/12 M

Raid Times: Thurs/Fri 6:00-9:00PM Pacific

About us:
hello team is a young Cutting Edge guild that aims to strike a balance between strong and steady progression without high level time demands. The guild is built on dedicated leadership along with a fantastic community that interact outside of raid on a regular basis.

Flex DPS/Healer


Discord: Menkt#2514

BNet: Menkt#1830

Hello, if you are still interested in joining a mythic raiding guild, my guild is currently reforming our PM team that raids Tues/We’d/Thurs 8-11PM and would love to have you.

We are currently 6/12 M on Area 52 - Horde with 2 other raid teams if you are interested in a different time range like our AM team or Weekend team.

My discord information is Nestor#1835 and my battle.net information is Nestor#1655.